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The Shambolic Brexit Drama So Far

Since the referendum in 2016, Brexit has obviously been a hot topic in the media, though what isn't so obvious is what it means for us. Sure, it means our withdrawal from the EU but what about after we leave? With only 6 months left to go, the hazy future of our country post-Brexit is worrying.

Two years ago we all voted to either stay in or leave the EU, without any solid idea of what the consequences of leaving would be. With so many different sources of speculative and conflicting information, famously including Boris’s big bus of bullshit, making an informed decision to vote leave or remain was… difficult. It still amazes me how the country was put through such an important, historic decision based on, essentially, guess-work and lies. It also amazes me how so many people – actually, let’s call them what they are: sheeple – have blind faith in the Tories, with no attempt to, or desire to, engage in some individual critical thinking. This kind of wilful ignorance can be a dangerous thing, folks.

Let’s be real here, it’s no secret that racism/anti-immigration sentiment was major fuel for Brexit. Since before the referendum, the media hit us with waves and waves of bullshit rhetoric that blamed immigration for the struggles of public services such as the NHS and the education and welfare sectors. Unsurprisingly, the sheeple of our country gobbled up and further spewed this rhetoric like fact, giving no thought to its truthfulness or reliability. Why? Because this rhetoric aligned with their own negative thoughts on immigration and foreigners, so they happily ignored the real reason why public services are struggling: chronic underfunding.

In recent years, the Tories have cut public spending substantially, and as can be expected, this put an increasing strain on public services. Their campaign against public services has had disastrous results, including 120,000 austerity-related deaths, and a major spike in foodbank usage and homelessness, to say the very least. Hell, even the UN scolded our government, labelling its treatment of disabled people a 'human catastrophe.' Of course, given all these cuts to public spending and the deteriorating quality of life, there is also the question of where all this money is going...

Now we are 6 months away from the deadline and so far, the forecast for Brexit is looking rather shite, for several reasons. The increase in racial crimes and the plunge of the pound following the referendum were early indicators of what the decision to leave meant for the UK. Now, our divided country, and the fact that there are a lot more predictions of economic disaster if we leave the EU with no deal, is further disheartening – and made worse by who we have for prime minister. I mean, come on, anyone in a leadership position needs to be a bit charismatic, or have a bit of appeal about them, especially in times of negotiation. Seeing as Theresa May has about as much charisma as a potato, I don’t see us getting very far with the EU.

Another thing: Brexiters love to support their side by accusing the EU of being a hotbed of corruption, as if there isn’t corruption in British politics, or any other country for that matter. The truth is, any system that involves humans is bound to be corrupt because of our human nature, so making the choice to leave the EU based on the existence of corruption within it is pointless.

Millions of Brits, especially us younger generations, believe that being a part of the EU is overall more beneficial to us than leaving it. But unless there really is another referendum (which looks unlikely) all we can do now is see what the post-Brexit future holds. One thing we can be certain about is that the fat cats, as usual, will thrive no matter what happens to us lowly folk.

Fingers crossed, compatriots.

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