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Theresa May’s Utterly Ridiculous Brexit Shenanigans!

I was supposed to post this after Theresa May's awful blame game speech a few weeks ago but I’ve been too busy and couldn’t get round to it. My need for a good ol’ political rant hasn’t subsided however, so here it is.

It’s been almost 3 years since the referendum and most of the country, myself included, are sick of hearing and reading about bloody Brexit every day. On the one hand, so much has been said about it, but on the other, not enough has been said at all. The problem is that most of what we do know concerns the present, while the post-Brexit future remains unclear. Even before the referendum, I was extremely doubtful that our exit from the EU would place the country in a better position than before, and given that Theresa May was the one spearheading the negotiations, I had even less faith that we’d leave the bloc with minimal damage. Over the last couple of years that faith has completely crumbled.

When it comes to Brexit alone, I can somewhat understand Theresa May’s position. David Cameron took a massive shit and now May, a Remainer, has to clean it up. Obviously this hasn’t been easy. However, her Brexit speech I mentioned above was quite the piss-take. I’ve stopped listening to her talk about Brexit since then as I feel a potentially explosive aneurysm bubbling up in my brain when I hear her strained voice. The purpose of May’s speech was clear: place the blame of the Brexit fiasco on Parliament and redeem herself in the public eye and gain support for her deal.

May waffled on about how the public has had enough and how we’re tired of MP’s going on about Brexit when we have "real concerns about our children’s schools, our national health service, knife crime." Um, excusez-moi?! Yes, it’s very concerning that our schools are struggling to cope, that the NHS is on its knees, and that knife crime has reached an all-time high. But whose fault is this? May had the audacity to talk about these issues as though her destructive government isn’t responsible for them. It’s disgusting. Not to mention how disrespectful it is to the millions of people that have suffered and even died, either directly or indirectly, under Tory fiscal policy. Whether they accept it or not, the Tories have blood on their hands.

It really annoys me to watch her pretend to relate to the public and convince us that she’s one of us – one of the people. She is not one of us. The woman actually stood there and said "I am on your side." I couldn’t help but snort at this in a most unladylike way. The Tories are today what they were 200 years ago – the party that serves the rich, at the expense of the poor. May and her chums have consistently broken their promises and proven that they don’t give a damn about us ordinary folk, yet there are still wilfully ignorant people out there who really do believe and support her. At this point, all we can do is hope and pray that those lost sheep will find their way back to the Farm of Common Sense.

A final, not unrelated point: Brexiters love to repeat that the country voted to leave the EU but this is a broad generalisation that over-simplifies the results of the referendum. At the time, the UK population stood at 65.6 million, with 46.5m of us being eligible to vote. Nearly 13m didn’t vote, reducing the total number of votes to 33.5m (72.2% of the electorate.) Out of 33.5m, 16.1m voted to remain and 17.4m voted to leave. So when you hear Brexiters chanting that the UK voted for Brexit, do kindly remind them that the UK consists of much more than 17.4 million people.

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