I’m Helin.

I'm a London-based actor, writer, historian and, of course, the creator/author of Haus of Helin. I love travelling and exploring nature, history and cultures all over the world, and I enjoy dabbling in photography. To put me super simply, I'm an incurably curious, straight-talking gal who is in a constant state of wanderlust!

But that's enough about me for now.


History. It's a fascinating subject. It’s infinite. Constant. Special.

Nowadays our screens are brimming with often repetitive news and blogs about contemporary subjects like travel, fashion, tech, etc., leaving little room to appreciate and enjoy the wonders of the past. I wanted my own little corner online where I can write and share interesting stories from history. So, I created Haus of Helin.


Whether you’re a proud history nerd like me or just love a good read, history is a world jam-packed with exciting and engaging stories for absolutely anyone. 


Aside from history, I also occasionally write about current affairs (with some ranting here and there, no doubt!) and mental health. 


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Incurably curious actor, writer, blogger & historian from London

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